Sunday, December 16, 2007

Nostalgia Ride

It's my first time to take a train made in 1931, and it's also my first time to see wicker seats and ceiling fans in subway cars.

We got to know from newspaper that the New York City Transit started a five-Sunday run of a Nostalgia Train along the V line between Queens Plaza and Second Ave every this month. Then we tried our luck this morning.

Standing at the midtown station downtown track platform, we were curious how long we actually had to wait. L said, if we see V train pulling off at uptown track, we just gotta run over there. Literilly not even one minute after he said so, we saw a dark green, old look train pulling off along uptown track!

Run! We jumped to climb up stairs, ran cross overpass, ran down stairs to the updown platform. We got on the train!

Never thought we could be so lucky!

We were quite amazed to see the old train - exposed light bulbs on the ceiling, ceiling fans, wicker seats, old ads........Everything there is just back from 1930s!

We walked from one car to another..........taking photos. We were excited to have this special train ride.

It's nostalgic, just as all those that New York has planted in my memories..........

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